Rethinking the Cloud

APPnostic is a true cloud development house that was founded in 2009 for the perpose of migrating companies from the tradidtional on-premis server systems to the more recent cloud systems we see today.

Cloud takes out the heavy up front capital investment, minimizes operational expenses, and provides faster time to market. It also provides the ability to dynamically scale up or down based on usage. However, building new applications on the cloud requires a certain skill set and expertise as well as new thinking about application architecture and scaling.

Our cloud development practice leverages knowledge gained from successfully developed cloud applications and deep expertise with major cloud technologies such as Rapid Application Development Platforms, and Agile Implementation Methodologies. We have built several complex customer cloud applications which has enabled those organizations to fully adopt the cloud and break away for traditional forms of application development and systems.

Our professional services for the cloud include:

  • Cloud strategy and planning
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Cloud application development
  • Agile project management

Our proven Project Management & Development Methodology

Appnostic delivers a proven Agile project management framework like Scrum and RAD software development to deliver high-performance software solutions that provides real business value to our clients in many different industries.

Our methodology ensures that clients understand and adopt the agile process at an early stage, making it possible for us to demonstrate control over time, cost, risk and quality in the development and project management life-cycle.